Sunday, April 1

Catching Up!

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently! I can't even use uni as an excuse because I'm on holiday just now. I'm just a bad, bad blogger! Anyhoo, I have been taking pictures so here's a few recent ones.

Oh. My. Gods. Where has sushi been all my life? I think I love it more than life itself! This was my first attempt at making sushi, and I think I did rather well, even if I do say so myself! I filled two rolls with the spicy tempeh filling from the PPK, and one with cucumber and avocado. Both fillings were absolutely delicious, but me and Gary both preferred the spicy tempeh filling. So, so good. If you haven't tried your hand at making sushi yet you should. It's easier than you would think. Oh! The dip we had with it was teriyaki, and it was delicious!

Next up are some cupcakes, unsurprisingly from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. As I've explained before I'm not a huge cupcake fan but my mum is coming up to visit tomorrow and she really loves carrot cake, so I thought I'd try the carrot cake ones. They're really good. Gary likes them even though he claims to hate carrot cake, but I have to agree they're not over carrot cakey. The cream cheese frosting is delicious. I was a little bit sceptical about putting the chopped walnuts around the edge because I'm not a huge fan of nuts on cakes, but they really added something to it.
Don't you just love my trolley? Over the years it's had many uses, from fruit bowl to lollipop holder, but today it will be a cake stand.


scottishvegan said...

I’ve eaten veggie sushi, but never tried making it. I am not sure I could make it look as good as yours… it looks very professional! I love your wee trolley… it’s so cute!

Theresa said...

Yummy looking cuppers!

Was the sushi rice hard to make? I've read a few recipes, and it seems very precise.

Lelly said...

See, I was scared of the sushi rice as well as I'd heard the process was quite 'involved'. I don't know if the kind I bought was idiot proof or what, but it was easy! You just cooked it according to package instructions and then folded in rice vinegar, mirin, sugar, and salt, and then let it cool down a bit.

Miss Kris Dove said...

<3 the trolley! And I agree that it looks very professional(and fiddly to do), as do most of the things on your blog, my food just looks messy!
I've never ever tried sushi. (Which just goes to show there are loads of varieties of vegan foods out the to the naysayers who reckon there's not much left for us to choose from sans animal products.)

Lelly said...

I'll make sure to make some suhi for the potluck in May so you can try some. I loooooooooove it!

rantingsteve said...

Huzzah for vegan sushi! I haven't had it in a while; I should make some.