Sunday, April 8

Pasta Arrabiata with 'Meat'balls

I love arrabiata sauce, nut for some reason I rarely ever eat it, weird. The 'meat'balls are from The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. I was really sceptical of them, but Gary wanted to try them and they were actually really good. They were really moist and tender, but held their shape well. In the recipe they're actually fried, but I just took an ice cream scoop, and scooped blobs into a muffin pan and baked them. I put them in the muffin pan to stop them sticking together, it was quite ingenious I thought, but I am easily amused. The pasta is whole wheat. We never eat white pasta nowadays, and I've never really noticed a difference in taste.

The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook is so retro! I particularly love the story about Uncle Bill, it made me chuckle, who knew old people were 'groovy'?


Theresa said...

Stupid question--what is arrabiata sauce?

That is an ingenious idea, using a muffin tin for the meatballs. I'm impressed.

Lelly said...

Arrabiata is basically a spicy tomato sauce. It usually has chilli in it, but it's still quite mild.

It's yummy!