Sunday, June 28

Finals Will Eat Your Soul

Yes they will. You may or may not have noticed my disappearance. You may also have noticed that I like bullet points. Therefore, here is a lame bullet point list stating the reasons for said disappearance:
  • Final year exams. I existed mainly off of popcorn and ramen noodles. You dont want pictures of popcorn and ramen noodles.
  • Moving house. Yep, onwards and upwards.
  • The whole graduation shebang. I got a 2:1, which considering I had surgery twice in my final year, I think makes me an utter genius.
  • I started a new job. It's management-y and fairly demanding.
Anyway. A few weeks after I finished uni I celebrated with my boy by making a sushi feast. The boy had never had sushi before and judging by the way he gobbled it up, I think it's safe to say he liked it.
The sushi had spicy tempeh and spring onions. We had it with teriyaki dipping sauce. Absolutely completely nomtastic.
This is an unnecessary close up of the sushi.
I also made some Inari sushi stuffed with sushi rice and spring onions and at the front is the leftover tempeh from the sushi which was marinated and fried. Proper delicious.

You'd probably think that was too much food for two people, but you'd be wrong. We gobbled it all up in a worryingly short space of time. I'd do it again.

Ooooh! I just ordered an iphone! I'm mainly showing off, but if anyone has any good app recommendations, that would be much appreciated.