Wednesday, May 7

The Worlds Biggest Salad

Okay,so that's a completely unsubstantiated claim and I offer you no proof, but it was a pretty damn big salad. Let's see, what was in there? Rocket, tomatoes, onion, baked tofu, balsamic dressing... Ack, there was most likely more but I forget. On the side is a little roast potato salad, so I suppose I had salad with a side of salad, what fun! Btw, this meal was pretty tough on my jaw (tmj arthritis issues), I don't know why I think it's helpful to tell you all that. Maybe I should start a tmj friendliness rating... Or not, because that would be highly dull. Anyhoo, in other news, I bought a bike recently. I love it. Like seriously. Today I got to cycle all along the river, and fields, and saw wild bunnies and heelan coos. It was delightful. Anyhoo, in case anyone vaguely cares, here's a picture of my bike:
Due to the shape of the outside of my flat, it was impossible to get a complete side view, you're all gonna have to just like with it, k?

Friday, May 2


In the quiche is sundried tomatoes, red onions, and spinach. Served with a quick side salad and some mayo. Tasted like summer. The leftovers are calling to me...

Thursday, May 1

Korean Vegetable Pancakes... Kind of.

As you can see they kinda fell apart, but who cares? They still tasted good. The recipe is from Asian Vegan, which I'm currently loving and plan to make a lot more from. Inside the pancake is onion, carrot, garlic, beansprouts, and chives. Served with chilli dipping sauce.