Sunday, April 15

Seitan O' Greatness Pizza

This is the first time I've had any proper junk food in a long time. It was a treat for Gary to celebrate him finishing off his dissertation. This is a before pic, as I wasn't sure if I'd remember to take a picture when it came out of the oven, because , you know, pizza! We kept it simple with the toppings and just went for some of the seitan (as thinly sliced as I could manage) and some onions.Here's the after pic, which I'm aware doesn't look a whole lot different to the before pic, but I took it so I'm going to show you it.
The seitan crisped up nicely which was great. For some reason it looks as if there's hardly any sauce on the pizza, but I can assure you there's plenty!

I'm starting a new (temp) job tomorrow, so wish me luck! I'm oddly nervous. Hopefully Gary will help me out by making some dinner some nights (hint hint). I'm hoping to get a cool lunch box as well, which for me, is very exciting (I know how much much of a geek I am and I feel no shame). This also means I might be able to upgrade my camera soon, which would make me so happy!

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scottishvegan said...

Good luck with the job!
The pizza looks great! I must be the only vegan in the world not to have made the Seitan O Greatness yet!
When I was living in Scotland I had never seen Vital Wheat Gluten in the shops. Can you buy it easily where you are?