Saturday, February 14

Snow Day Pie

My office called on Thursday and said not to bother coming in because of the snow. I didn't argue and spent the day in my pyjamas watching the pretty snow outside. I also decided that as it was snowing, some stodgy food was required. What I ended up making was the best pie I have ever put into my mouth.
I roasted some brussel sprouts, carrots, and onion and then added some chopped vegideli sausages and simmered in some of Mr Henry Westons fine organic cider. I then added some onion gravy and into the pie bottom it went. Obviously it was then covered in pie top.

Best. Pie. Ever.

I want more now. There were not enough leftovers. Never enough.


Thursday, February 12

I'm posting to avoid doing my homework.

No really. Leave me lots of comments that need answered so that I can avoid it some more. Go on, enable me, you know you want to.

This breakfast came out of a craving I had for a fry up from the Grassroots Cafe in Glasgow. As I was not in Glasgow I decided to make my own. Tempeh bacon, toast, beans, herby tomatoes, and what really makes the Grassroots breakfast (which a lot of people find quite odd) garlic mayo. I wasn't in the mood for making myself feel ill, so I left off the potato scones. I think the mark of a good breakfast is the ability to have awesometastic lunch leftovers. This turned into tempeh bacon, tomato, and garlic mayo sandwiches for lunch, which was just the best thing ever.

Continuing along in my mission to test all of the new Grassingtons vegan range, I recently tried out the beef style meatballs. Served here with penne and arrabiatta sauce. I love these meatballs. Love. The instructions said to either bake them or fry them. Being the rebel that I am I ignored this and baked them, then fried them, then added the sauce. They plumped up nicely and were lovely and moist. Love.

Sunday, February 8

My Poor Teeth!

A post full of cavity inducing sugar on the way.
French toast. Bananas. Strawberries. Agave nectar. Bish bash bosh.
Ice cream with chopped up dairy free fudge and agave nectar. This was so disgustingly decadent I almost slipped into a sugar coma afterwards. You know what makes this more disgusting? It was eaten as dessert right after the fatty melt episode. I was clearly trying to kill myself with food that day. It's the only explanation.
This was the boy's birthday cake. I was the weird girl at the birthday party who demanded the lights must go on when the cake came out because I had to take a picture. Then I got all the questions about why I was taking pictures of food and explaining what a blog was. It was fun. Alas, the picture is still a bit crap because once again I was fairly inebriated. What is it with me being drunk around cake?