Saturday, May 12

Tandoori Burgers and a Giant Monkey Balloon!

We saw these burgers today at the health store and thought we'd give them a whirl. I'm such a sucker for having to try something if I've never seen it before. The packaging is a bit retro, isn't it?
Here it is cooked. As you can see it looks absolutely nothing like the picture on the package. It just looks like a regular veggie burger. That's pretty much how it tasted too, I didn't get a strong tandoori taste at all, which was disappointing. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything special. I give it a 'meh'.

So, onto the giant monkey balloon... We were walking through town yesterday and saw this:
This is right in the middle of Dundee city centre. It's City Square, where all of our 'important' people (council and such like) buildings are. We were very confused. That's Gary in the picture there to give a little bit of perspective. Gary's over six feet tall, so as you can see, this thing is huge! We were also confused by the sign, 'Everybody' what? And why was it all cordoned off? We want answers, people!

Strangely enough, I was walking by City Square today and it was gone. If we didn't have these pictures as proof, I may well have thought I was going insane. I wasn't though... Not this time...

Sunday, May 6

Banana Omelettes O' Wrongness!

I thought I would be nice this morning and cook Gary (and me) a nice breakfast. How wrong could I be picking this recipe! It's the Banana Omelette recipe from the Vegan World Fusion Cookbook. When I first saw it I thought "hmm, that'd be nice with some peanut butter and maple syrup", but then I looked at the recipe and it had a savoury filling in it. I was highly sceptical but I thought I'd give it a go.

This started out completely horrible, and ended up pretty much the same way. You have to boil the bananas with their skins on for 20 minutes to soften them up. Boiling banana skins is one of the most foil smells I've ever been unfortunate enough to smell in my entire life. For some reason I persevered with the rest of the recipe. It started out okay, but the more you ate, the more the weirdness of the banana/savoury mixture got too unbearable. The last bite I took made me gag, and I had to go spit it out.

It was an altogether unpleasant experience and I wish I'd just stayed in bed for an extra hour.

Has anybody else made this recipe? Did I somehow mess it up completely?

Saturday, May 5

Tofu Tacos and Grilled Cheez Sammiches

These are from another new addition to my cookbook collection, The Everyday Vegan. I swear at this rate there will be no room in the flat for me and Gary with all the cookbooks! These were really tasty. Gry thought they were a little too spicy, but he's a bit of a spicy food wimp, so let's not listen to him. Its basically mashed tofu with lots of chopped veg and spices all chucked in a pan and cooked. It makes loads, which is a huge bonus for me just now as I am insanely busy with work and studying, but one more week and it'll all be over!

In the background is something we drink far too much of - Curiosity Cola. Our friend Alice turned us on to the stuff and it's been a downward spiral since then. Alice will of course be receiving our dentist's bills.

Today for lunch we had something that is really not very healthy but we don't eat lunch together a whole lot, and rarely ever eat crap like this (well I don't, Gary is another story...), so it was a treat.

Behold... The grilled cheez sandwich o' clogged artery goodness!

Besides the insanely unhealthy tofutti slices there is sundried tomatoes, onions, sea salt and red pepper flakes.

Don't judge me!