Sunday, April 15

It was Inevitable Really...

Yep, I got sucked into the Seitan O' Greatness malarkey just like everyone else in vegan blog land. I can tell you that all the hype hasn't been for nothing, this stuff is good. I don't usually like seitan, there's something about the texture that freaks me out, but this baked kind has a completely different texture than the usual boiled kind. Gary really likes it and he was an absolute pepperoni fiend in his omni days. We had a few slices on their own, and then had some more in sammiches for dinner. In the sammiches with the seitan is tomatoes, spinach, sprouts, and some vegan mayo.


They were sooooooo good. Yum.


veganfreak said...

i don't know about the seitan o'greatness. Can you point me to a recipe?

Lelly said...

Sure can! It's from the ppk.

Isa also recently posted a link to a lot of food blogs that have been raving about it in her livejournal.

It's been spreading around the food blogs like wild fire!

Theresa said...

Those sandwiches look great. I haven't yet tried this seitan o' greatness--but I feel like I should. I don't want to be the last vegan on the planet to give it a go.