Thursday, June 19


Tomorrow after work I'm off on a 7 day residential course with uni. To the middle of nowhere. I'm scared. I'm taking three bags, one of which is entirely filled with food. I'm too much of a city girl for this stuff.

Wish me luck in my not dying endeavours!

If I see anything pretty I may take some pictures for you, if you're lucky. Bah!


Monday, June 9

Work Food

As in, just home from work and jeezy creezy I want food in mah belly now. Quick food.
Cheezy pasta with sundried tomatoes and red chilli flakes. Teh yum.
Baked potato with roast vegetables, balsamic and chilli dressing and mature cheddar cheezly. Also teh yum.

Saturday, June 7

Holy Inactivity Batman!

It's been a whole month since I last blogged! I suck!

I kinda lost my cooking mojo for a while. Lets not get all emoriffic, but with my jaw arthritis and stuff, I started associating eating with pain, so I'd been rushing food and eating a lot of smoothies and soups, which lets be honest, you don't want to see.

Anyhoo, what else has been going on in Lelly land? Well, I passed my exams. I'm not happy with my grades at all, but I keep telling myself that I'm doing well to have survived this semester, never mind anything else. What else? I started a new job on Monday. It's actually pretty great. Good money, a 10 minute walk away, and really relaxed atmosphere. The job itself is scarily important, so I think the atmosphere is to make up for that. Oooh, I'm officially on the waiting list to get my maxillofacial surgery. The surgeon reckons it should happen around August, so hopefully the end of the year will be much better than the beginning. After my surgery, I won't be allowed solid food for around 6 weeks, so the blog should become... interesting! Maybe I'll just post pictures of my (hopefully not too) gnarly scars. I have other good things going on just now, but maybe we'll talk about that some other time. Maybe.

Anyhoo, did I forget this was a food blog? I think I might have. I made a big pasta bake the other night so I'd have some food for after work for a few nights. Also, nice soft pasta is pleasing to my face. In this there was some form of curly pasta, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, vegideli sausages, mozz cheezly, onion, spinach, and some baked tofu I had. It was pretty much a clean out the fridge meal. Oh yeah, and it's topped with parmezano.