Tuesday, July 24

Lelly is a crafty vegan!

Well kinda. I also speak in the third person apparently. Meh.

Anyhoo, I've got loads of t shirts that don't fit me or are just meh, and I've always fancied adapting them so I'll actually wear them, so I did. I took my old pink herbivore t shirt (the one less meat eater one) and, well, cut it up and put it back together with bits on.I made it into a halter top and added buttons. The buttons are partly for decorative purposes and partly to (kind of) cover the stitching where I sewed the straps on. It's all fairly shoddily made, but it was stitched by hand, cos I'm a poor student and we don't have the moneez for sewing machines, so considering that it's not too bad. It's also squinty in parts, but I'm going to blame that on my atrocious eye sight (uh huh). Just so you know quite how anal I am, the buttons were white, but I hand painted them pink. Indeed.

Here's another shot of it (I am aware that at this point, this mainly becomes me posting close ups of my boobs, but shh)

Saturday, July 21

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

So, a few weeks ago our oven exploded in quite a spectacular fashion. So it's broken and we're not getting a new one fitted until the 31st. This has made me actually have to think whilst cooking, and making sure everything can be done on the hob. *sigh*

So I totally had a craving for lasagne the other day, but, duh, you need an oven to make lasagne. So instead, I very craftily made lasagne rolls.

While the pasta cooked a took a block of tofu, drained and mashed it, and seasoned it. I chucked in some nutritional yeast, garlic, sea salt, oregano, basil, spinach, etc and cooked it on the hob for a little while. I then rolled all this up in the pasta, put them on plates and (gasp) microwaved them to make sure it was all hot. Whilst they were in the microwave, I made some sundried tomato sauce on the hob and chucked it on top.

The results were truly yum.
Very much indeed so.

Oh, I got tagged by Drasch to do a meme thingamibob, but my brain is not currently functioning, so I'll have a think and do it later.

Monday, July 16

Post O' Randomness...

Yup, random indeed. Why? Meh, who knows. Maybe I like to keep you on your toes, or maybe I'm clearing out my camera. You'll never know.

Okay, so like, here's my kitchen..

I mainly took this picture because it was cleaner than usual because Gary's family was visiting, but also because I'm a nosy mare and I like to see peoples houses, and especially their kitchens, so I figure someone else must be nosy...

Okay, so now for some midweek dinners. Mainly of the 'thrown together at the last minute' variety.

Here's some linguine alfreda. The recipe is mainly from Vegan with a Vengeance, but as always, I never actually follow recipes. It was deliciously spicy and creamy, which are two of my favourite food adjectives.
Next up is a pasta bake, and I know what you're thinking - "oh my god, someone vomited on your pasta", but it was lovely! Honest! It has tomatoes, and herbs, and vegideli sausages, and cheezly. It was quite heavy though, so not something for all the time.
This is what we just had for dinner. Tacos. Not much you can really say about tacos. Lets see, there was spinach, refried beans, jalapenos... I think that was all. Yup. Oh, and salsa on the side. Luurvley.
Let's top off the randomness with some more randomness. Yes, I think so. Here's a picture of a fighter jet (? I dunno, I'm a girl) that appeared in town one day. The jolly man in front of the jet is just a bonus.