Saturday, April 28

Life gets in the way of blogging, and our internet provider sucks.

*peeks head in*

I have been uber busy recently which is why I completely disappeared. Sorry! I started a new job which I need to get up at stupid O'clock in the morning for and then when I'm not working I have to study! The studying part is only for a few more weeks though, and then I can finally relax after work, and eat real food again.

I may have been able to pop in sooner if our internet provider hadn't decided to crap out on us for two weeks! It turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise as I wasn't able to fart about on the interwebs, so I got a lot of studying done. I am glad it's sorted now though, it really did suck.

In unrelated news, my new job has enabled me to upgrade my camera. This doesn't guarantee my pictures will get any better as I'm fairly sure it's me who is rubbish, but it gives me a new toy to play with!

I promise to be back soon with some (fairly) interesting food.

Don't give up on me!

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