Saturday, April 26

So, I Squashed Me Some Taters...

Look at them... Sitting there looking delicious, waiting to be devoured. Mwah ha ha.I'm fairly convinced that Dreena Burton invented this recipe specifically for students at exam time, who haven't had time to go proper food shopping in a while, and don't have much time to cook. Well either that or she invented it specifically for five year olds. Is there really much of a difference? This time I put a little fresh basil (yes, yes, I do put it on everything), and dried oregano on them, and to compensate for eating a meal entirely composed of potato, I used spray oil. Doesn't taste any different with spray oil, in fact I think I might prefer it. Anyhoo, in conclusion, exam time sucks and potato squashers rock.

Friday, April 25

Pizza of Win!

Yes, I declare this to be the official pizza of win. Why? Well it's full of all the win foods. Spelt base, garlic sauce, caramelised red onions, pine nuts, and fresh basil. Win. Just for extra win, here's a slice shot:
Now, what did i have with this classy beast of a pizza? Ketchup. Oh yes. I make classy things trashy.

If anybody's wondering why my pictures have gone a bit downhill recently, I've decided to blame it on the fact that I've turned the Aerogrow off, and so don't have the fake almost natural light anymore. Don't worry, she'll be back! I'm just deciding what to grow in her next.

Tuesday, April 22

Post O' Orange

Yes, for some reason everything I've eaten over the past few days have been various shades of orange, how bizarre. Everything is also from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan which I just got recently.
Sorry for the blurry shot, I think it was still steamy when I took the picture. Anyhoo, this is the cashew ginger tofu and tamari roasted chickpeas.
This is the blackened tofu and potato squashers. I absolutely loved both. I'm currently eyeing up the tofu leftovers, I doubt they'll make it to lunchtime tomorrow.

Sunday, April 6


Food o plenty in this post. First up is the food of sick people all over the world, mac and cheese. I was in hospital last week because apparently blood clots aren't supposed to be in your lung, who knew? Well I did, but I am very clever. Anyhoo, when I got out I wanted to make a batch of something hearty that I could work my way through for a few days, so as always I went for the new farm mac and cheese. I reduced the oil quite a lot though, because it really is quite ridiculous. Here it is with roasted brussel sprouts, which are the rockingest cruciferous vegetable around:

I had an influx of vegans this weekend for much drunken and non drunken fun. Some out of towners came up on the Friday night which to me seemed like a perfect excuse to have a pizza party.
This first pizza has basil tofu ricotta and pesto, it was the yum.
This one has mozzarella cheezly and home made pepperoni. Also the yum. There was a third pizza that was essentially a combination of both of the above, but at that point my stomach had given up on letting me eat pizza and I was far too bloated to get up and take a picture.