Thursday, March 27

No food! I've been tagged!

Not in the criminal way, obviously. DJ over at the skint vegan tagged me to do one of these meme thingimijigs. I have to tell you five things about myself and then tag five other bloggers. I'm not really one for drive by tagging, so if you read this, and you're a vegan blogger, consider yourself tagged. Okay, so onto the most likely dull lelly facts.

  1. I'm currently radioactive due to a scan I had at hospital yesterday. I feel like I should be fighting crime. My weapon shall be battered pizza, and I'll get rid of the criminals with atherosclerosis. (too geeky? me? never).
  2. Continuing along the geek theme - years ago I read an article in a newspaper about bumble bee behaviour and physiology. I enjoyed it so much that I cut it out and if I need cheered up, I re-read it. Bumble bees ftw!
  3. Tofu is my absolute favourite food because it's just so versatile. One of my pet peeves is when people (who usually have never actually eaten it) say they don't like it, at which point I big-headedly exclaim "aha! this is because you've never had me cook it for you!".
  4. I am ever so slightly besotted with Ron Weasley. NOT, Rupert Grint, only Ron Weasley.
  5. I love the way Jenna from Vegan Freak Radio says my name. She just says it so much cuter than anybody else.
I now feel oddly exposed...

Sunday, March 23

Tofu and Potatoes

It's very odd really that some form of tofu, tempeh, or seitan and potatoes is my stand by comfort food, because as an omni I was never much of a meat and potatoes kind of girl. In fact, the thought makes me sick. Ugh. Anyway, the tofu wasn't even marinated, i just kinda poured some balsamic vinegar and worcester sauce onto it when it was cooking. The potatoes were just boiled and then I tossed in some fresh basil, and I made a balsamic onion gravy type thing. Excellent.

Wednesday, March 19

Leftovers ftw.

(that's 'for the win' for any old folks)

I sauteed up some onion and kale and strips of seitan cutlets and added it to pasta and then added some leftover spicy tomato pasta sauce. Topped with parmezano, as always. Delicious, as always.

Oh, yes. I've gone through an entire bag of kale in a day and a half. Just felt the need to share. It has been pointed out to me that this is clearly too healthy, and I should batter it. Battering is always the answer.

You know you're vegan when...

...this is your idea of lunchtime comfort food:
A big bowl of sauteed kale with balsamic baked tofu slathered with more balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday, March 18

Bryanna is a Goddess.

Yes. Seriously, if you haven't subscribed to her newsletter yet, do it now. I'd do it just for the soy and seitan cutlet recipe alone.

I have a massive batch waiting for me to put them in the freezer. I plan to make many gluten based foodstuff this week, oh yes i do. This time i breaded them, but who knows what wonderful things I shall do to them soon, who knows?

Served with garlic kale and baby potatoes with fresh basil and garlic.

Oh, in other news, did I mention I was single now? No? Well I am. I still haven't quite gotten the portion sizes down yet, so if you're not a crazy serial killer and you're in the area, come over for the inevitable leftovers.

Thursday, March 13

And one more for good measure...

I'm going to be away at the weekend so I thought I'd just post this now. The afrorementioned beanball subs:
Aren't they cute? I used petit pains, so there's only 2 weeny beanballs in each one. The beanballs were baked with (very garlicky - my breath still stinks) marinara and mozzarella cheezly. Delightful.

Penne and Beanballs

The title pretty much sums it up. The beanballs are from Vcon, and I have absolutely loads left. I'll probably be having beanball subs for about a week (not that I'm complaining). I'll actually probably freeze some for later. I just got a load of gluten delivered so next week I plan on making loads of Bryannas seitan cutlets and loads of chickpea cutlets and freezing them, my exams are coming up soon and it'll be handy. Anyhoo, the sauce is cherry tomato and chilli, and it's got a little sprinkling of parmezano on top. Yum.

Thursday, March 6

Linguine Alfreda

Based on the vegan with a vengeance recipe, but as usual I got distracted and started doing my own thing. I also at one point decided that some Fry's Vegetarian Strips would be good in it, so I chucked some of them in. I also put some chopped fresh basil in, because I always have some and I love it.

Wednesday, March 5

Nothin' Fancy!

Spicy tomato pasta with fresh basil, grilled asparagus, and sautedd kale. I <3 kale these days.

Tuesday, March 4

I'm Back!

Yup, I promised I would be, and so I am. Todays food isn't particularly exciting, I'm easing myself back into this whole eating meals malarkey by eating familiar things. I promise to start cooking exciting things soon.

Anyhoo, here's some scrambled tofu that I served on a wholewheat seeded wrap with some spinach.
This is what I had last night. Yet again I made hasselback potatoes, but this time I used sweet potato, and only used spray oil to cook everything, so it's a lot healthier than usual. There are also tofu steaks served on a bed of garlic and sea salt sauteed kale. It was delicious.
The marinade I used for the tofu, is the same marinade I use all the time (balsamic vinegar, vegan worcester sauce, and soy sauce). It really sinks into the tofu. Because I use it so much I did something sensible last night and made a lot of it and put it in a potion bottle. I'm just clever like that.

Monday, March 3


Yes, another apology for being a rubbish blogger. I've had a lot of things going on, and I'm still having appetite issues, but I promise I'll be back soon. Probably with healthier food than my last post, but that really wouldn't be hard now would it?

Anyway, yes, I'm sorry, I suck and fail, please don't hate me!