Thursday, April 5

Chimichangas, Sour Cream, and Salsa

These were really good! So good in fact that I just had some leftovers for breakfast - Shh... Don't tell anyone...

The chimichangas are filled with a low fat refried bean recipe from Bryanna Clark Grogan's book, 20 Minutes To Dinner. Her recipe says to blend all the ingredients together, but I prefer my beans with a little bit of bite to them, so I mashed my beans and then just added the remaining ingredients. I think it was much better that way. The recipe makes loads, so I'm going to freeze some of the leftovers for quick dinners when I need them.

Chimichangas are fun to make, they're almost like Mexican spring rolls. You put a little line of filling into your corn tortilla, fold in the sides, and then roll it up. Traditionally they are deep fried, but I sprayed a teeny bit of oil on them and baked them, which worked just fine.

The sour cream is also from a recipe in 20 Minutes To Dinner. I was glad to find a recipe for sour cream as the Tofutti stuff seems to have disappeared from all the Health Stores here. It wasn't as good as Tofutti, but it was a helluva lot better for you, so it's a trade off. The salsa is boring old shop bought stuff, so nothing to write home about there.

I'm currently waiting on a few cookbooks that I ordered recently. It's a very exciting time for a cookbook junkie like me! I'm waiting on The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen, and Please Don't Feed The Bears. Anybody who has these books should leave me a comment with what to make first. I'm so excited! I love getting new cookbooks!

Gary's Dish Washing Rating - 4/5
The high rating is mainly because of the homemade sour cream, and our blender being a royal pain in the butt to clean. If you already had that made, or bought some, it would only be a 2.


Tijmetje said...

Oooh, I should get ore cookbooks too. I don't even have a Sarah Kramer one yet.

Tofutti is scary. The cream cheese, at least. We had soome once and left it in the fridge without cover for a dew days and it looked all plastic. After that i didn't trust it anymore.
You're probably betteroff with home-made.

veganfreak said...

they look great -- I'm a big fan of beans and tortillas, but then again, my family is from Mexico, so this would make sense, no? They don't call us "beaners" for nothin' ;)

Theresa said...

Yum-my. I lightly oil and bake my spring rolls--I should try making chimichangas some time. Those look really cool!

Lelly said...

Thanks guys!

I need to be stopped with the cookbook buying, I'm out of control! The thing is, I ususally don't even follow the recipes. I usually look at something and go 'that's a good idea', and do something similar.

Meh. I'll never stop buying them!

Theresa said...

I made some chimichangas last night using your baking method, and they turned out great!