Sunday, January 14

Tempeh Pasties and The Battle of The Potatoes!

The Dec/Jan issue of satya had a really tasty looking recipe for tempeh pasties with a spiked mustard sauce, so I thought I'd give it a try. The pasties were great, but I think I'd adapt it a little bit more next time, it was a little grainy for my tastes. The recipe makes a lot of pasties so we have some in our freezer for later.

The spiked mustard sauce was... well... mustardy. Far too mustardy, even for a mustard sauce. I will definitely not be making that sauce again. The pasties would be fine with a little bit of ketchup, there was really no need for the ridiculously mustardy sauce!

Onto the battle of the potatoes now. Gary and I nearly came to blows (not really) yesterday trying to negotiate which kind of potatoes to have with the pasties. He wanted mashed, whereas I'm a great lover of really crispy roast potatoes. I ended up making both to diffuse the situation.

Leave me a comment saying which kind you think is best. Just so you know, the correct answer is roast potatoes.


Anonymous said...

Roast all the way!

Theresa said...

really crispy roast, but if they're not really crispy, then mashed for me.

bazu said...

both! both!

Lelly said...

You can't have both! That's cheating!