Thursday, January 4

Gary's Chilli

Gary made chilli tonight. I love Gary's chilli, it's reeeeeeeaally good! We had it on top of nachos and topped it off with some cheezly. There would have been some tofutti sour cream on top but the stupid health store didn't have any! Bah!

I haven't posted in a few days because at some point between us leaving for a party on Hogmanay, and opening the fridge to make some food on New Years Day, our fridge and freezer had gone and broken on us! The fridge was actually warm, warm people! Anyway it's fixed now, but for the past few days we've been living off of a big batch of lasagne I made so as not to waste the vegemince we had in the freezer. I didn't take a picture because for quite a while there was a fridge freezer lying in the middle of my kitchen, so managing to make food was enough hassle!

We're off to Glasgow tomorrow for a short while. We're planning on nipping into the Grassroots cafe for some food when we get off the bus tomorrow and then on Saturday we're going to Mono to meet a whole big bunch of vegans! Should be fun. If I stop drooling for long enough I'll try to remember to take some pictures of my food.

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