Wednesday, January 17

Fat Macaroni Cheez Casserole Bake

Wow... Sometimes I astound myself. I seem to have developed the skill to make whatever really good food I make look like crap in the pictures! Oh well... When I get rich I'll get a fancy camera and... I dunno... take some photography night classes or something... I get really impatient when I'm taking the pictures, I mainly want to eat!

Anyway yeah, this pasta looked like huge macaroni (possibly called lumaconi?) and Gary had been bugging me for ages to make macaroni cheez, so I made it with the huge macaroni! I made a regular nutritional yeast cheez sauce, added it to the pasta, then added the whole lot to a pyrex dish, mixed in nacho and mature red cheddar style cheezly and topped with more cheezly and some breadcrumbs. It went all nice and crispy on top, which is how I like it! It was good, probably one of the best cheez sauces I've made.

Gary's Dish Washing Rating - 2/5

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Theresa said...

Even though you don't think that looks nice, I think it looks really yummy. I used to make mac and cheez with nut yeast sauce all the time, but can't afford the ridiculous price that it has here in Australia :( And though I've never had cheezly, the vegan freaks speak so highly of it that I can only imagine how good that tasted!