Thursday, January 25

Haggis, No Neeps, and Tatties

As I mentioned earlier, it's Burn's Night tonight so I thought I'd turn my hand to something traditional. Why? Mainly because I thought it would give me something semi-interesting to blog about.

It looks bland and dull and boring, doesn't it? That would be putting it mildly. To be frank, the vegetarian haggis tasted like soggy wood. This will be my first and last Burn's Supper. Meh.

Why no neeps (turnips) I hear you cry? Well there was a slight mishap with the turnips which we shall not speak of again after today, okay?

The tatties (potatoes) were good, but mashed potatoes isn't much of a meal, so I gave my haggis to Gary (who oddly thought it was quite good... freak), ate my potatoes, and then ate a bowl of cereal. Meh.

Gary's Dish Washing Rating - 3/5


Theresa said...

How did you make haggis vegetarian?

Lelly said...

Make? I didn't make it! Don't be silly! Vegetarian haggis is really easily found here, I could get it all year round, at any number of local shops. Won't be buying it again though!

bazu said...

I just discovered your blog and wanted to comment that all your food looks good- even the haggis! Sorry it wasn't good, but happy Robert Burns Day anyway! (Wait, do they say happy Robert Burns day or something else...? D'oh)

Lelly said...

We don't really say that but thank you! If you want to be authentic you should call him Rabbie ;)

Urban Vegan said...

Your haggis looks much better than the traditional meaty version!