Monday, January 1

Bland Burgers and Tasty Bread!

Looky looky! I made bread! It was surprisingly easy to make. This recipe (rather unsurprisingly from vegweb) didn't even require kneading, but I couldn't help giving it a quick knead before cooking it anyway. I also made rolls because his recipe makes two loaves, and I have no real need for two loaves.

Seeing as I made rolls I thought I'd make burgers tonight to have in them. I used one of those 'just add water' mix things (I used Burgamix, which I think is made by Harvest Direct or something like that). I found the burgamix quite bland and disappointing, I think I'd definitely add some extra herbs and spices to the mix next time I use it. The texture was a little bit soft as well so I'd maybe add less water, or add some flour or something, not really sure... Anyway, Here's the burger and my home made bun. The stuff on top is garlic mayonnaise that Gary made and it's really tasty!

Gary's Dish Washing Rating - 3/5

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Urban Vegan said...

Congrats on your bread success. What a way to start the new year.