Thursday, February 1

Behold theTower O' Cupcakes!

Or not... Whatever.

We had a fairly boring meal of spag bol tonight, it's dull so I didn't take a picture. However, as you can see I also made cupcakes tonight, and as everyone knows cupcakes are always blogworthy.

I haven't made cupcakes in ages, I got sick of them fairly quickly after the release of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. Not long after the release of it I catered a few vegan buffets which involved staying up all hours baking what felt like twenteen bajillion cupcakes and then not eating any of them, so me and cupcakes have a very strained relationship these days... But Gary begged me so I made some tonight.

These are the basic chocolate cupcakes with peanut buttercream and some chocolate sprinkles I got at the Health Store ages ago. They were really good, I mean, it's chocolate and peanut butter, you can't really go a whole lot wrong, can you?

Ooh! Isn't my new cupcake tower pretty? It's from the new Argos catalogue (link). Gary bought me it so I would make cupcakes again, it's much nicer than a smell old plate, eh?

And yes it's a rubbish picture, it's becoming a bit of a theme here, deal with it.


bazu said...

It's not a rubbish picture- the cupcakes seem to glow in their glowing tower. Ok, that's also my hunger speaking. I fell off the cupcake wagon, but I think you've inspired me to get back on!

Lelly said...

Stop being kind about my pictures! I don't care that they suck, I started a food blog because I like to eat, I get really frustrated taking the pictures because I wan't to get started!

Thanks anyway though! The cupcakes are scarily all gone. Gary is a fatty!

Theresa said...

I need to buy a cupcake tin--those look so yum!

I know how you feel about taking pictures, too. I just want to eat, and Andy thinks I'm a total nerd!

Lelly said...

Yeah, we hae people over for dinner quite a lot and they always look at me funny when I'm taking photos, and anyone looking at me in general just makes me more nervous!

zoxil said...

Greetings Lelly,

I first heard of you on Vegan Freaks radio. I just want to say, you're a class act (and, from the looks of your blog, an accomplished chef to boot)! Your grassroots vegan campaigns are supremely admirable.

Because you look to be such an accomplished chef, I have a cooking question for you. It may sound like a strange one, but bear with me...

I'm from the United States. Three years ago, I toured Great Britain for four weeks. I absolutely loved it (and found it so easy to eat vegetarian; I hadn't made it all the way to veganism at the time)--I saw many wonderful places, but unfortunately not Glasgow (I glided along the east coast of Scotland: Edinburgh, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, Inverness, etc.). During my travels, I fell in love with British-style baked beans! Here in the U.S. our beans are sweet with molasses and most times not even vegan; they're not at all like what you guys have.

My question is this: do you have a recipe or know how to make British-style baked beans? It's something I've been craving for years but have no clue how to make them. I'd be very grateful for any help you can lend.

If you want you can reach me at

In the meantime, keep blogging, keep cooking, and keep campaigning.

Sincerely yours,
Chris Clements

zoxil said...

Greetings Again Lelly,

I apologize for my stupidity--I don't know why I thought you were form Glasgow!?!? It clearly states on your blog that you're in Dundee. I apologize...

I did stop in Dundee for an afternoon on my way to Aberdeen. I remember the old ship at the docks (the Unicorn was it?) and a really great cemetery which was absolutely beautiful!

Any, sorry for my ignorance.

Thanks for your time,

Lelly said...

Unicorn would probably be it. I'm from Glasgow, but I live in Dundee, so I can see how you'd get confused!

Thanks for all the flattery! You're making me blush!

As for the baked beans... Hmmm... Not sure, as you probably know the baked beans here are usually just bought in cans. I'm not sure if I know anyone who makes them themselves.

Are you on the Vegan Freak Forums? The people there can be really helpful with things like this, so I'd give that a shot. In the meantime I'll have a little think about it, and if I come up with anything I'll let you know!

zoxil said...

Thanks so much Lelly! I am on the Vegan Freak Forums; I'll try there too. Let me know, though, if you come up with anything.

It's so nice to talk to you. Thanks for your time. And if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask!