Wednesday, February 28


Falafel is your best friend when you're looking for a healthy meal, and you can't be bothered cooking.

We had it in whole wheat pittas that we got from our local health store and they were so much better than the ones you get from the supermarket. We also try to shop in our local health store for as much as we can because it's a family run business and we'd rather give our money to them than a supermarket.

Anyway, falafel good, pitta good. That's about all there is to say about that.


Theresa said...

Mm, falafels. I just had some the other day. I made a sauce out of hummus, a bit of soymilk, and bbq sauce (Andy practically drinks the stuff out of the bottle). So yummy!

Anonymous said...

do you have yours with tzatziki? try it, if not! :)