Wednesday, February 7

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

I didn't actually eat any of this because I'd had dinner out with a friend earlier in the day. I got home and Gary was going out soon and needed a quick dinner, so I whipped this up with the leftover natural soy yoghurt from yesterday, some mushrooms, garlic and herbs.

Not really much I can say about it as I didn't eat any of it... Mushrooms freak me out... They're all weird...

That is all.


bazu said...

Mmm- I don't have your self-control-I would have eaten a second dinner!

Theresa said...

It's really nice of you to cook for Gary even though you'd already eaten. I reckon Andy would be stuck with a bowl of cereal in a situation like that ;)

cherios said...


Stumbled upon your blog looking for regional veggie recipes.

Great to see a veggie in Scotland! I'm a Canadian new to Edinburgh, and I was looking for recipes from the locals :)

Can I ask a question, do you have seitan here? I'm used to making it myself, but I can't find the Vital Wheat Gluten it requires. Do you maybe call it something else here?


Lelly said...

I've never found vital wheat gluten here either, which really sucks. I ended up buying seitan quick mix from and ignoring the instructions and using the vegan with a vengeance instructions for seitan instead. The quick mix seems to mainly be composed of vital wheat gluten, so it works out well.

k@ said...

you can get wheat gluten in the uk from:
is that of any use?