Thursday, December 14

Holy Originality Batman! Another Food Blog!

Yes, I know it has been ever so slightly done to death, but I'm starting a food blog. Why? Well, I got a digital camera for christmas and I cook a lot... So, yeah...

I'm Lelly and I've been vegan for about three and a half years. In this time I've gone from cooking the most basic of basic meals (even then the success rate was hit or miss), to now where most days, no matter what's going on, I set aside at least an hour to cook a decent meal. I do this mainly because I enjoy cooking, but also because I love eating. I live with my vegan boyfriend Gary who also loves to eat my food, and I often have vegan visitors for dinner who also love eating my food (you know who you are!)

So in conclusion, I am Lelly, this is my food blog, I hope you enjoy what you see!

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