Wednesday, December 20

General Tao's Tofu

When I asked Gary if he was in the mood for General Tao's Tofu last night he said: "I dunno, I'd rather have my own tofu, you don't really want to be messing with a general, coz he's got the army on his side"
Har, my aren't you hilarious.

This is from a recipe on Vegweb (this particular recipe has the most reviews of any recipe on vegweb, ever), and it's really good. It was maybe a tad sweet, so i'd omit some of the sugar next time. The tofu was cooked to perfection, nice and crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

After the initial joke making, when I told Gary and Stu I was making this (I had to describe it to them because the name meant nothing to them), they both went "Oooooh! That one!".

All in all it was good food, enjoyed by all. One drawback was that it was rather time consuming to make, but that doesn't really bother me.

A new feature Gary came up with is 'Gary's Dish Rating' because he does the dishes around here (I do the cooking, it's only fair) and I can tell that as soon as I mention cooking a meal to him he analyzes in his head how many dishes he'll have to do afterwards.

Gary's Dish Rating - 4/5


Tuimeltje said...

I just started reading your blog and it's a very nice read.

I love Gary's Dish Rating. And you're right about the fairness. My boyfriend is always whining about doing the dishes after I cook for him and refuses to understand drying dishes is part of doing them and thereforevery much his job.

By the way, I thought you were a medical student. Did I think wrong or did I miss something?

Lelly said...

No no, you were right. I used to be a medical student, but I was pretty miserable so I transferred course. I can always go back into it later if I decide it's for me!

It's totally the rules that whoever didn't cok should do the dishes! get his butt in line!