Thursday, January 31

Spring Rolls

For my first time making spring rolls, I think I did pretty well. Me and Gary made these together in a fit of nice, clean, organised fun (my favourite kind). We stir fried up some onions, carrots, cabbage, and spring onions in some vegan oyster sauce. Rolling them was fun.

Served here with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

In conclusion, spring rolls are fun and they taste good too! Win-win, really.


Jennifer said...

Those look wonderful. Especially for your first time! Were they difficult to roll up without breaking the wrappers?

I would love to try my hand at vegan spring roll making, but haven't found vegan spring roll wrappers here in Columbia yet. (even the wonton wrappers I found have eggs in them!).

Mmmmm and serving them with sweet chili dipping sauce, I am one jealous girl! Sitting at my desk at work looking at delish food, while fun, can be a bit of torture at times when things look and sound so good.

Lelly said...

The wrappers were actually surprisingly easy to work with.

I'm quite lucky that I have a massive chinese supermarket a few minutes from my house.

Laura said...

Spring rolls are fun to make and really easy! So is sweet chilli sauce :)

They do look yum!