Monday, January 28

Sometimes Lelly Eats Healthy Food.

It's true. In fact more often than not I eat healthily, I just never tend to post the healthy stuff. I swear it's true!

Anyhoo, I made a simple stir fry with veg and bean sprouts a plenty, with baked tofu, and served on brown rice. Yum.


Jennifer said...

That looks pretty tasty, I am drooling at my desk at work. A small bowl of that for an afternoon snack sounds pretty good right now!

I also agree though, the healthy stuff doesn't always make for the most exciting posts eh?

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Sadly, how true. The healthy foods sometimes just don't seem all that blog worthy, just healthy-looking and brown (as my kids would say!). Your rice and tofu look really yummy however, I would eat that!

Anardana said...

That looks great!!