Sunday, December 23

Curried Tofu

The curried tofu is from Vcon, and I think I essentially followed the recipe. It's really good. Nicely spicy. It's served with sauteed kale, rice, and spicy yoghurt sauce. The sauce started out as the one from Vcon, but being me, I completely ignored the recipe and threw whatever I felt like in it. Good stuff.

Check out my Le Creuset ramekin. I own Le Creuset cookware. Aren't I fancy? Okay, so it's two ramekins, and that's probably all I'll be able to afford for some time, but still, it's nice to say it. I own Le Creuset cookware.


wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice cream said...

Le Creuset cookware. Good for you. Tell your boyfriend i'm jealous. Keep up the good work on your awesome blog.

Shoot us an email at we would love for you to review some of our ice cream.

Lelly said...

Ee gads! Like seriously? But I live all the way in Scotland!