Thursday, March 13

Penne and Beanballs

The title pretty much sums it up. The beanballs are from Vcon, and I have absolutely loads left. I'll probably be having beanball subs for about a week (not that I'm complaining). I'll actually probably freeze some for later. I just got a load of gluten delivered so next week I plan on making loads of Bryannas seitan cutlets and loads of chickpea cutlets and freezing them, my exams are coming up soon and it'll be handy. Anyhoo, the sauce is cherry tomato and chilli, and it's got a little sprinkling of parmezano on top. Yum.


DJ said...

Those beanballs look delicious! in the penne and the mini subs above, too!

Anonymous said...

Lelly, where did you get those beanballs? Was it online or from a local shop? I was thinking falafels would do instead if I can't get hold of them?