Tuesday, March 18

Bryanna is a Goddess.

Yes. Seriously, if you haven't subscribed to her newsletter yet, do it now. I'd do it just for the soy and seitan cutlet recipe alone.

I have a massive batch waiting for me to put them in the freezer. I plan to make many gluten based foodstuff this week, oh yes i do. This time i breaded them, but who knows what wonderful things I shall do to them soon, who knows?

Served with garlic kale and baby potatoes with fresh basil and garlic.

Oh, in other news, did I mention I was single now? No? Well I am. I still haven't quite gotten the portion sizes down yet, so if you're not a crazy serial killer and you're in the area, come over for the inevitable leftovers.


Tuimeltje said...

Looks delish.
I know about the portions. When I went from family-living to student-living, I usually cooked enough to last me two days, and that was with me not being afraid of getting second helpings.

Tasha said...

Aw! Lelly! I'm sorry (or happy?) to hear about your new found single status. I hope you are already realizing how amazingly wonderful it can be to be footloose and fancy free!