Tuesday, March 4

I'm Back!

Yup, I promised I would be, and so I am. Todays food isn't particularly exciting, I'm easing myself back into this whole eating meals malarkey by eating familiar things. I promise to start cooking exciting things soon.

Anyhoo, here's some scrambled tofu that I served on a wholewheat seeded wrap with some spinach.
This is what I had last night. Yet again I made hasselback potatoes, but this time I used sweet potato, and only used spray oil to cook everything, so it's a lot healthier than usual. There are also tofu steaks served on a bed of garlic and sea salt sauteed kale. It was delicious.
The marinade I used for the tofu, is the same marinade I use all the time (balsamic vinegar, vegan worcester sauce, and soy sauce). It really sinks into the tofu. Because I use it so much I did something sensible last night and made a lot of it and put it in a potion bottle. I'm just clever like that.


Shaheen said...

So desperate to make the stuffed seitan roast, but cannot find vital gluten flour in the UK. Can you tell me what you used to make this delicious looking recipe and where I can purchase it in the UK. Ta.

Lelly said...

I just buy the boxes of the instant mix stuff from veganstore.co.uk.

Hope that helps!