Monday, July 7

I survived!

For a while there I was pretty much entirely composed of bruises, but I survived. To mark my survival, I give to you (all five of you) some pretty pictures:
This was taken from somewhere up a hill. I fear I may have repressed most of my hillwalking memories so I can provide no further info.
I do remember why I took this picture. You see the white foggy looking thing over yonder? Yeah, that was rain on another mountain. I obviously thought this was cool enough to take a picture of it.

Anyhoo, enough with that boring outdoorsy stuff and onto the food!
Naan pizza... Naanza! Umm yeah. Anyhoo, there was a recipe similar to this in Bryanna Clark Grogans latest (and last *sob*) newsletter. As usual I didn't actually use the recipe, but I used the idea. I made a spicy tomato sauce and made the cheesy sauce from the new farm cookbook. It was grand.
Curry crusted tofu, vegetable fried rice, and vegetable curry. The tofu was coated with loads of spices and then baked and grilled. Look at those grill marks! Oooh yeah! *ahem* Tasty!


JohnP said...

You survived - yeah! And such nice looking food, too!

Kris said...

Looks yummy! Where did you get the naan recipe, or did you buy it? I can never find vegan naan anywhere, they all seem to have unnecessary cow products in them! :(

Lelly said...

I bought it. Some of Tescos own brand ones are vegan. I can't for the life of me remember which ones though.

Kris said...

Thanx- I'll take a look in Tescos :)

jessy said...

welcome back! and hooray for surviving! :)

naan pizza = yummah looking! and that tofu = mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Erin said...

Glad you made it back in one piece. That first photo is beautiful!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Yay for survival! I'm so glad you are back. Naan pizza is the best idea I've ever heard! Pure genius! Your curry crusted tofu looks yummy.

Love the pictures of your trip, you are so lucky to live surrounded by such gorgeousness.

Anonymous said...

Go you! And the food looks excellent.

Latayy said...

How was the texture.
As a vegan I do not like tofu that much only scrambled.
Do you sometimes freeze it to change the texture?


Caribbean Vegan