Sunday, September 30

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff.


I started back uni which kind of explains my absence. I have been cooking and taking pictures, just not posting, whoops!

Anyhoo, we had a potluck a few weekends back, so I thought I'd post some of the stuff from there.
Chocolate Chip Cookies from VwaV. Always a hit.
Raspberry Blackout Cake also from VwaV. First time I've made it, and I only had one tiny slice, but it was good.
These were brought by our friend. She hand made the tortillas without a tortilla press! They were delicious. Inside them was a mexican beany mixture. Fantastic.
I'm not entirely sure what to call this. The inside of the tofu was hollowed out and stuffed with various things (I would say what, but I'm still working on the recipe), and then sealed over with some of the scooped out tofu. It was then marinated and baked wrapped in foil. I then dipped it in the remainder of the marinade and dredged it in a flour and nutritional yeast misture and fried it. It was really really good, but the recipe needs a little bit of work.
That's an action shot of the stuffing.


Jamie said...

Wow, that tofu looks amazing. I hope you get the recipe worked out soon. Yum!

Miss Kris Dove said...

The kiev-type thing looks yummy! Am inspired to experiment with doing something similar meself! :)

pavotrouge said...

woah, stuffed tofu O_O !

trina said...

ooh, I am intrigued by this tofu method.

The Little Vegan said...

The cake looks absolutely delicious, as does the stuffed tofu!

Lelly said...

Aww thank you all! I think I'm gonna try making it again tonight and tweaking the recipe a bit.

Obviously, I'll post the results.

MysTVearN said...

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