Wednesday, September 5

Penne Arrabiata

I've blogged this meal before, so sue me! I'm allowed to cook the same meal twice you know! Anyhoo, this is whole spelt penne with arrabiata sauce and meatballs (recipe from New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook), served with wholemeal garlic bread. We couldn't eat it all, but it was yummy.
In slightly unrelated news, I'm totally loving being unemployed! I get to cook good food every day, bake stuff, craft stuff whenever I want, and the flat has never been so consistently tidy! It won't last long though, I'm back at uni soon, and I've spent most of the morning today sending my CV off to anyone who'll take it. Anybody in the Tayside area looking for an amateur vegan cook/baker? Part time? No? Didn't think so.

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Miss Kris Dove said...

Being unemployed is great in that respect. :)

If I were rich I'd employ you as my personal chef. But I'm not. Once I win the lottery jackpot there's a job offer there for you though Lelly! Might take Gary on to as the dishwasher ;)