Tuesday, October 9

So, I Perfected That Stuffed Tofu Recipe...

... but I'm being a total tease and not posting the recipe yet. Why? Well because I have a tendency to not measure anything when I'm cooking, but I promise I'll measure stuff next time I cook it. In the meantime, here's a picture of it, in all its oozy glory.
Gary says it's the best thing I've ever cooked and offered me 50 quid if I would surrender my portion right then and there. I politely declined.

So, on Sunday we had a small vegan brunch at our flat. It was fun. So, I give to you... brunch food!
Balsamic Bruschetta
Tomato Tarts
Aubergine Pomodoro


Miss Kris Dove said...

zomfg that looks lovely! Hurry up and post the recipe! *drools*

Theresa said...

Mmm, brunch! I can't wait to get the recipe for that stuffed tofu.

reiskeks said...

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Anonymous said...

that stuffed tofu looks great, please post the recipe.