Sunday, February 8

My Poor Teeth!

A post full of cavity inducing sugar on the way.
French toast. Bananas. Strawberries. Agave nectar. Bish bash bosh.
Ice cream with chopped up dairy free fudge and agave nectar. This was so disgustingly decadent I almost slipped into a sugar coma afterwards. You know what makes this more disgusting? It was eaten as dessert right after the fatty melt episode. I was clearly trying to kill myself with food that day. It's the only explanation.
This was the boy's birthday cake. I was the weird girl at the birthday party who demanded the lights must go on when the cake came out because I had to take a picture. Then I got all the questions about why I was taking pictures of food and explaining what a blog was. It was fun. Alas, the picture is still a bit crap because once again I was fairly inebriated. What is it with me being drunk around cake?


Laura said...

It all looks very yummy! especially the cake!

DJ said...

Cake looks fab - I love a bit of maple syrup over my vanilla ice-cream - you know, cos it's not sweet enough already.... ^_^

Sarah E. Hoffman said...

omg. that icecream with the fudge looks delicious!