Thursday, February 12

I'm posting to avoid doing my homework.

No really. Leave me lots of comments that need answered so that I can avoid it some more. Go on, enable me, you know you want to.

This breakfast came out of a craving I had for a fry up from the Grassroots Cafe in Glasgow. As I was not in Glasgow I decided to make my own. Tempeh bacon, toast, beans, herby tomatoes, and what really makes the Grassroots breakfast (which a lot of people find quite odd) garlic mayo. I wasn't in the mood for making myself feel ill, so I left off the potato scones. I think the mark of a good breakfast is the ability to have awesometastic lunch leftovers. This turned into tempeh bacon, tomato, and garlic mayo sandwiches for lunch, which was just the best thing ever.

Continuing along in my mission to test all of the new Grassingtons vegan range, I recently tried out the beef style meatballs. Served here with penne and arrabiatta sauce. I love these meatballs. Love. The instructions said to either bake them or fry them. Being the rebel that I am I ignored this and baked them, then fried them, then added the sauce. They plumped up nicely and were lovely and moist. Love.

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Catriona said...

OMG your breakfast photo looks yummy!