Sunday, November 18

Leek and Bean Cassoulet

From the Veganomicon. To be honest, I found this a little bit bland. Once I'd tasted a few bites I found myself reaching for the salt, and then the red pepper flakes, etc. I would definitely add more garlic next time (even though this time I already doubled the garlic), and I would also add some herbs to the dumplings.

Nonetheless, it was filling, fairly healthy, and it looked pretty. Here it is served up.

In other news, I recently ordered one of these for my incredibly poorly lit flat. I'm very excited about growing my own fresh herbs, and then tomatoes... Mmmm... I am not your average 22 year old.

Oh, and in case anyone cares, the answer to the question in my previous post was "Two plain bridies, and an onion one as well". I did love herbstsonne's answer of "There were plenty of bridies and singing a song togethaaaaa.". Brilliant! It really should mean that...


jaxin said...

Having eaten an early dinner last night, and just having woken up now... I could probably eat that entire pan myself.

It looks soo good! I'll remember to spice it up when I try these. <3

JohnP said...

I agree - this was tasty, but could have used a little more salt and herbs. That being said, the Spouse (who likes things a little bland, and abhors "adult flavors" despite being an adult) loved it as is.