Thursday, November 8

Cullen Skink Tofu Bridies

What's Cullen Skink? What's a bridie? What's tofu?! Two of these three questions shall be answered. One shall not.

Cullen Skink is a traditional Scottish soup. It usually contains smoked haddock and cream and all sorts of nastiness. I veganised it using smoked tofu and soy milk etc.

A bridie is a type of pie. It's similar to a cornish pastie but has a shorter crust.

Hence, a Cullen Skink Bridie is a bridie filled with Cullen Skink! Huzzah! You come to Lelly's website and you learn something. I'm just good like that.

I liked these, the filling was smoky and creamy like it should be. I meant to get a picture of the bridie cut open so you could see the filling, but clearly I forgot. I think I need to work on this recipe a little, yes, indeed, it needs a little bit if tweaking. Gary also liked it. I made four of these and I had the one in the picture. Gary came home from work and ate three before he'd even said hello to me. Not surprising really.

Oh, if anyone can tell me the meaning of "Twa plenn bridies an ingan ane an aa" without looking at the wikipedia page, you will earn the title of 'person who Lelly thinks is cool'. It's an honour, believe me.


herbstsonne said...

Um um...'There were plenty of bridies and singing a song togethaaaaa.'

Oh that's so very incorrect. X3 I tried.

Lelly said...

Ha! But it did amuse me, so you can be a runner up.

urban vegan said...

I love Scottishisms. And I love Scottish accents. I wish we all talked like the Scots.

Oh, and the food look yum, as always.

Anonymous said...

it means two plain bridies and an onion one as well ohhhhhhhhh yes im sooooooooooooooooooo Dundonian :P:P

avegancalledbacon said...

Wow, I was so sure no-one else would have bothered veganising cullen skink that when I wrote this post I didn't even bother googling for it!

Sounds like a great idea... I'll be copying you soon :)