Thursday, March 15

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

I prettied this glass up mainly because I thought it was funny. Gary came in and looked at me like I was a nutter, but then joined in by helping me choose a straw colour. We're odd.

In the smoothie is banana, pineapple, papaya and some multivitamin fruit juice. In the background is Geoff, our new cactus.

Why the smoothie I hear you cry? Well I'm currently on a liquid diet due to a bad case of TMD which has left me unable chew any food. Hopefully it'll be okay soon and I'll be back on the solids again.

I want to masticate, dammit!


scottishvegan said...

Aaaw, that sounds painful. Hope you feel better soon!

Lelly said...

I'm sure it'll be fine soon. I might be able to graduate to soft foods soon! Woo!