Wednesday, March 21

Tomato Bread Stew with Pasta

Yep, yet another rubbish picture, but I think it's been well established that I don't care.

This is from Vegan Italiano. I was looking through all of my cookbooks the other night looking for soft TMD friendly recipes and Vegan Italiano had loads!

This has tomatoes, onions, garlic, pasta, and bread all cooked into it. I was slightly sceptical about cooking the bread into the stew, I nearly left it out as I thought it would go really soggy, but it didn't. It was lovely and soft and doughy. I would highly recommend this dish, it's really tasty and comforting.

Gary's Dish Washing Rating - 1/5 It's a one pot meal!

In unrelated news, in the past few weeks I've been watching what I've been eating, and exercising a lot in an effort to lose some weight. I've lost just under a stone! Go me!

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scottishvegan said...

That sounds really yummy...good comfort food for when it's cold outside! That's great that you have lost nearly a stone in only a few weeks! You must have been working hard! As you said - go Lelly!!