Tuesday, July 28

I Win at Veganism

I've decided.


This is why:

Clean up your drool. That, my friend, is caramel shortcake aka millionaire's shortbread aka nomtastic aka a-little-piece-of-my-childhood. As far as I'm aware it's quite a Scottish thing and is served in school canteens all over the country (we don't agree with our children having teeth apparently).

I started out with this recipe, which was okay but if I'd actually followed it, this would have probably been disastrous. It's quite unclear (for example it doesn't state what temperature to cook the shortbread at, so I had to guess), and quite a lot of it I just plain didn't agree with, so I changed. I somehow managed to remember most of the changes I made, and in an uncommon move on my part, I'm actually going to post the recipe. I know! How often do I do that?!

Caramel Shortcake/Millionaire's Shortbread

150g (6 oz) vegan margarine
75g (3 oz) sugar
175g (7 oz) plain flour
75g (3 oz) cornflour


300g sugar
60g vegan margarine
6 tbsp soya whipping cream
2 tsp vanilla

200g of plain chocolate


  1. Add the margarine and the sugar to a mixing bowl and beat together.
  2. Mix in the flour and corn flour until well mixed and crumbly.
  3. Press shortbread mixture into an oven proof dish (I only had a round cake tin and that worked fine, but for proper nostalgic slabs of cake, I'll need to get a rectangular one).This should be pressed in quite firmly, I used the back of a spoon to level it out.
  4. Bake at 170 for 20 minutes or until just beginning to brown.
  5. Let the shortbread cool.
  6. While the shortbread is cooling you can make your caramel. In a large pan, melt the sugar BEING VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF ON THE MOLTEN SUGAR LAVA. Once all the sugar has melted, it should be a lovely golden colour. Add the rest of the caramel ingredients and stir through.
  7. To tell if your caramel is ready carefully place a drop into a jug of cold water, and if it forms a soft ball between your finger and thumb then you're doing grand.
  8. Pour caramel over your now cooled shortbread.
  9. Melt your chocolate via whatever method you like and por over the caramel layer.
  10. Put in the fridge until the chocolate sets.
I thoroughly reccommend taking it out of the fridge and letting it get back to almost room temperature before eating it as this is when the caramel should be optimally gooey.

Enjoy! If anybody has any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (I just added a link up on the top right hand side).


The Boy said...

I want it. I want it now. I'm going to have some and I don't care that its slightly hard and cold. Drool *wipe*

Caroline said...

You think this stuff would fit through a modem? I need some now.

When are they going to invent WonkaWeb. Yah know, like Wonkavision, but accessible through google reader.

DJ said...

This looks amazing - I love living in scotland, no other nation has such a fixation with batter or using sugar as the primary structural ingredient for all sweet dishes...

Anonymous said...

This looks so amazing! My only problem is that I'm American and I'm not sure what corn flour is. Is this like cornmeal, corn starch, or something completely different? Thanks for the great post.

Laura said...

I want!! my gran used to make this all the time, I'll definately have to try this recipe out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh god I used to eat this at school. I'm so going to nick your recipe!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that looks divine, Lelly!

ms. veganorama said...

That looks incredible! Go girl! :)

Kris said...

<3 That looks amazing- I'll be trying it out soon! Thanks for posting!!!

bopeep said...

have to say I LOVE this recipe very impressed although I would really value a little more detail on the caramel.. I have lost three batches due to it going lumpy and toffee like- when do you take it off the heat and for how long do you stir? It's worth it for the times I get it right though!

Lisa said...

This looks delicious!!! Can't wait to ty it this weekend.