Saturday, July 18

Teaching Boys to Cook

Well, just the one boy really. I've been working crazy mad all over the place hours recently and although I do enjoy the boy's tofu stir fry, it was getting a bit dull having it every day. So! We decided he needed to learn to cook, and as it turns out, he's actually rather good. Score!
This was spinach pasta with a light, lemony, creamy sauce, with kale, onions and pine nuts. On the side is pesto potatoes. It was absolutely blinkin gorgeous, and I got to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Uber win.

No, you can't have him. No, he doesn't have a brother.

Also, just for good measure, here's a pepper I only went and stuffed the other night. Poor bugger, he never stood a chance.
It had tofu and rice and kale (oh my!), which are possibly three of my most favourite things in the world ever. Okay, so maybe those aaaaand my iphone.

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