Wednesday, December 3

Listen to my opinion!

For it is important. So important that my friend John has taken to using Chuck Norris jokes to describe me. Obviously he takes Chuck Norris out and uses my name instead. It's really very unimaginative, but it amused me greatly. For example:
  • There is no ctrl button on Lelly's laptop. Lelly is always in control.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you are not living in a democracy, its a Lellytatorship.
My other friend Stu decided to point out that this does not always work:
  • Lelly doesnt have a chin, under that beard its just another fist.
Stu is just a big fat spoilsport though.

Anyway, what am I babbling about? Is there a point to this drivel? Well, not really, but kinda. I'm doing a product review today!

I found this at the Health Store and had to try it out. It wasn't too expensive - Just over 2 quid and it feeds 2. Yes, that is my strange child like thumb. Can we move on from the thumb?!

It claims to be Tortellini Tri Colore filled with tofu and spices.
I cooked it up with some tomato and basil sauce and sliced vegi deli sausages. The pasta itself was good. But I really could barely taste the tofu never mind any spices. Nevertheless it was nice to have fresh pasta of any sort, so I'd probably buy it again. What I would not do again is refill my sea salt grinder right before I'm about to eat this, not screw the cap on properly and then pour have a tub of salt on my pasta. Luckily it was just in the bottom corner (you can still see some of it on the sausages at the bottom), and I rescued as much as I could, but still, I actually yelled. Quite a lot.


Jc2k said...

I found some Tortellini in York about a year ago. It wasnt Tri Colore, but it was still vair vair good. Sadly that shop closed, and im not longer working in York anyway :(

Caroline said...

Dagnammit! I miss filled pasta so much. Oh well, maybe I'll wave this photo at my local health food store and hope they get the message