Friday, December 5

Sometimes I sing songs.

I cannot sing. Not a note. That doesn't stop me. I like to take songs and adapt them to whatever situation I'm in. I have a song I sing about cell division. It helps me remember the phases (or it used to, now I'm brilliant and just know the phases, but I still like to sing the song). My sister is a primary teacher and she makes up songs for her class, so clearly this is a genetic thing. That is my professional opinion.

Anyway, remember a few posts ago I made meatballs? Well I made forty five million of them and they've been sitting in my freezer ever since and they started to become an oppressive force in my life, and I thought to myself, why am I letting meatballs become an oppressive force in my life?! So I thought, meatball subs!
So, why was I babbling about singing? Well as I was making this I was dancing around my kitchen singing my meatball sub song. It's essentially the manics song 'Motown Junk' but with meatball sub instead. It's really very clever. Meatball! Meatball sub!


sinead said...

Just for the record, I think it's perfectly normal to sing songs to/about food. Yup.

DJ said...

meatball subs - what a great way to lose some meatballs!!