Friday, August 1

People like me!

Well duh! I'm awesome. Anyhoo, I got nominated by the wonderful elise for a Brilliante Weblog Award. Yay! Go me! The first thing I have to do is put up the banner thingie.
Done. The apparently I'm supposed to link to the person who nominated me, but I already did that up there because I'm just way ahead of the game. Now (jeez, this awards malarkey is complicated) I have to nominate seven other blogs for the award. Fun!
  • First I'm nominating the wonderful Kris over at Kris's Cruelty Free Kitchen because she always posts the kind of food I want to eat and because she's my Scottish freaky friend.
  • Next I want to continue the (almost) Scottish freaky friend theme and nominate Sinead over at Kitchen Dancing. Her food always looks so fancy, plus she's a vegan biologist and I essentially want to be her when I grow up... Whenever that may be.
  • Ida over at Yummy Vegan Dinners always takes awesome photos and hearty stick to your ribs kinda food that a stodge lover like me can appreciate.
  • Vincent over at VeganImprov likes to pretend to be mean as corn but his food is always classy as...umm a classy thing (I'm Glaswegian, I'm not exactly the master of classiness).
  • Okay, so I know I'm supposed to nominate seven people, but I don't play by no rules so I'm stopping at five! Lastly (and I hate to inflate his diva ego anymore) is Dino over at Alternative Vegan. I actually don't want to say anything about Dino because he loves himself enough as it is. (But he is a little bit awesome).
And now I have to go leave comments on their blogs to tell them! Jeez! No rest for the awesome!

Okay, so I should probably post some food. I gove to you... Tofu, rice and different sauces! Oh yes, my blog is truly revolutionary and worthy of an award.
General Taos Tofu from the legendary recipe at vegweb (oh how I <3 thee).

Sweet and Sour Tofu.

Revolutionary, I say!


Jc2k said...

It's true, we do!

Miss Kris Dove said...

Yes indeed :D
Thank you for the award! :) I've just finished nomming people... wait, that sound very cannibalistic and ot vegan, er, nominating people :P

DJ said...

Congrats Lelly - we all know you're awesome!! ;)

ms. veganorama said...

Thanks Lelly! <3

The award is a hoax BUT the nominations are real so I'll post a nomination list (sans award) this week. :)

Lelly said...

I didn't actually think it was anytyhing, just like a meme thingy where you got to tell people you liked them!

ms. veganorama said...

Yup, it's like a meme thing! :D <3