Thursday, May 1

Korean Vegetable Pancakes... Kind of.

As you can see they kinda fell apart, but who cares? They still tasted good. The recipe is from Asian Vegan, which I'm currently loving and plan to make a lot more from. Inside the pancake is onion, carrot, garlic, beansprouts, and chives. Served with chilli dipping sauce.


Neta558 said...

I believe I finally find out what was that thing I ate in Korea. Someone went to get me this thing when the others ate something not vegan. I wasn't sure what it was but I was promised it was vegan so I ate it. It was wonderful and I wondered what was in it and how to make it but there was nobody to ask.
Thanks :)

jessy said...

oh my goodness! these look sooooo tasty! :)