Sunday, June 10

Alternative Vegam Yummyness!

I've had Dino Sarma's cookbook Alternative Vegan on preorder for quite some time now, so it was a nice surprise to come home from work last week and have a lovely present waiting for me!
If you haven't heard of Dino Sarma, where have you been? He does regular cooking segments on Vegan Freak Radio, and is a prolific member of the forums. Enough of the adoration, and onto the food!

This is the Venn Pongal. It's a delicious mix of rice, moong daal, cashews, spices, and I can't remember what else. It was really nice, comforting food. Unfortunately I couldn't find curry leaves anywhere, which was an ingredient, so I just went without. I'll have to have a good look around the shops next time I get a chance.
It's been weirdly hot here the past few days, but that's Scotland for you, we get all the seasons, all the time, mainly cold, but meh. Anyhoo, yes it was hot, so I decided the next thing I was going to make would be his Pomegranate Wine Slushies.
These were also delicious. So refreshing! As well as the obvious pomegranate juice, wine, and ice, there's also strawberries and some lovely seasonings. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? It was.


Dino said...

I swear, Venn Pongal is one of those recipes that you have to be adventurous to try, but once you try it, your life is never the same. My mom and I make the stuff all the bloody time, and it's sick how we can sit there and chomp through bowl after bowl, and pretend like nothing's wrong with us!

If it's a little bland, run down to the local Indian store, and snag yourself some hot pickle. Lemon works divinely.

Theresa said...

Hey, I've had Dino's book on pre-order for ages too! And I, too, was pleasantly surprised to find it waiting for me at home. And the first recipe that we tried (though I must admit I didn't cook it) was Venn Pongal! It was so good--my partner added extra veggies and a litttle bit of tahini for a nutty flavor, since we didn't have cashews. But it was a good, warm, delicious meal.