Sunday, November 9

I like to steal other peoples ideas

The idea for the following post is entirely stolen from another blog. This is like an essay right? As long as I cite it, it's all cool? Yeah?

Anyway. Here is the first installment of insane google searches that led people to my blog.

  • Trashy food. I can't decide whether to be offended or amused.
  • Ot vegan. This one is a VFF joke, but I'm not sure how it led here. Oh well.
  • Battered salad. I would like to state, for the record, that I have never battered a salad and don't plan to. If you're here for the battered salad, move it along brah!
  • Chinese supermarkets make me feel sick. This is just plain odd. How did this get someone to my blog?! Oh google godesses, please tell me?!
  • Close ups of boobs. My mother will be so proud.
  • Critique Robin Dunbar. This one was from my last post, but it gives me an odd sense of pleasure knowing other people studying for an essay on this will get my page instead, because I found so many useless pages in my search. Come for the Robin Dunbar, stay for the vegan love, that's my motto.
  • Giant monkey balloons. And so the fable of the giant monkey balloon continues. Long may he travel the country, confusing the masses.
  • Italian bombs food. I have no witty banter for this one. I don't understand where the need for this search would be.
  • Please don't feed the bears banana bread. I understand where this one came from, but still, I kinda want to go out and feed bears banana bread now and see what happens. Oh yes, I am such a rebel.
  • Trashy kitchens. This one I plain take offense to. Other than the many irn bru bottles (it's my other national drink and is therefore mandatory) there ain't nothing trashy about my kitchen.
The odd thing is apparently, recently only one person has got here from googling 'vegan'. VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN VEGAN. Take that the google!


Kris said...

LOL, how do you find this out? i'd like to see how people found my own blog!

Lelly said...

Google analytics is the best thing ever.

Steffi said...

I love google analytics :) so what trashy food do are you planning to make in the next weeks?

Anonymous said...

hey lelly you should do a post about the american rock band truth on earth. they are really inspiring girls and have all been vegan their entire lives. soo cool rite? i kno. their sound is of 70's rock and have tons of celebs and ppl backing them! check them out at
and watch their interviews and music vids at
ttyl!!=) clarissa