Tuesday, August 28


Stuffed peppers - A (very) short story:

Whenever me and Gary go out to eat at somewhere not very vegan friendly and ask them to make us something 'off menu' (or phone ahead and arrange it), we always have a bet on that we'll end up with stuffed peppers. We always win. So when I suggested stuffed peppers for tea tonight Gary was sceptical. There is one fundamental difference between the fancy pants restaurant stuffed peppers and mine though - mine taste good.

So here they are, first rubbed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and roasted and then stuffed with rice, tomatoes, basil, sliced sausages (vegi deli), red onion, and topped off with some cheezly (the non melting kind, which is why it's not... melty) and baked.

Teh yum.

I also made orange scones a few days ago, but I eated them.

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Miss Kris Dove said...

That is sooo true about the restaurants always serving stuffed peppers! I find that they occasionally change it to pasta arrabiata if they want to be really different though. Yours look really yummy though.

PS I have a new food porn blog too now!