Sunday, May 6

Banana Omelettes O' Wrongness!

I thought I would be nice this morning and cook Gary (and me) a nice breakfast. How wrong could I be picking this recipe! It's the Banana Omelette recipe from the Vegan World Fusion Cookbook. When I first saw it I thought "hmm, that'd be nice with some peanut butter and maple syrup", but then I looked at the recipe and it had a savoury filling in it. I was highly sceptical but I thought I'd give it a go.

This started out completely horrible, and ended up pretty much the same way. You have to boil the bananas with their skins on for 20 minutes to soften them up. Boiling banana skins is one of the most foil smells I've ever been unfortunate enough to smell in my entire life. For some reason I persevered with the rest of the recipe. It started out okay, but the more you ate, the more the weirdness of the banana/savoury mixture got too unbearable. The last bite I took made me gag, and I had to go spit it out.

It was an altogether unpleasant experience and I wish I'd just stayed in bed for an extra hour.

Has anybody else made this recipe? Did I somehow mess it up completely?


Holler said...

Doesn't sound too good! i think i will stick to cheddar or mushrooms in my omelettes! Oh, well you live and learn! But, good on you for trying!

SexyMami said...

I will never try it!! great blog u have by the way:D

Tamara said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds horrific! I'm sorry you had to endure that. Nice blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, I wholly disagree. I made this recipe and loved it. In fact, I'm searching for it online due to being away from my cookbook.